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How to Clean Your Coffee Maker
Jan 31

A Sparkling Clean Coffee Machine: Learn How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

By Adriana Seng | Uncategorized

Are you a coffee addict that cannot do without the daily dose of this energizing drink? If your answer is yes, you probably already own a coffee maker. If not, you can always buy one of the most efficient coffee makers on the market- single serve ones are the best!

Alas! Buying the coffee maker will make your coffee preparing process much quicker, but unfortunately, this convenience comes at a cost. Namely, the moisture which is always present in these machines makes a great environment for mold and bacteria to develop.

For this reason, you need to learn how to clean your coffee maker the right way. After all, you certainly wouldn't like to find mold in your first-morning coffee! Wouldn't that be a bummer?

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types of coffee makers
Dec 12

The 5 Most Popular Types Of Coffee Makers

By Adriana Seng | Uncategorized

There are a lot of different coffee makers out there and finding the right one for you can be quite difficult. Well, today we will tell you about all the different types of coffee makers that exist, as well as the benefits and downsides of each one.

There are a few different criteria that can be used to divide coffee makers into different types, but today we will be using the most common one – the brewing method. So, let’s get started!

Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single Serve Coffee Makers

These coffee makers are made with one singular purpose in mind – to make a single cup of coffee in record time, thus saving you most of the time and hassle. The best single serve coffee makers usually work by using prepackaged coffee pods, usually named K-cups, which are placed in a specific part of the machine. 

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The Most Effective Way to Clean Your Keurig
Dec 12

The 2 Most Effective Ways To Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker

By Adriana Seng | Uncategorized

If you own a Keurig coffee machine, you know how good they can be, making delicious coffee in a flash while also being incredibly easy to use. However, they are also complex pieces of kit with a lot of moving parts, and they can easily get dirty for a wide variety of reasons – even if you’re extra careful.

You need to keep them clean, so they can continue to perform well, and so your coffee doesn’t get tainted during the making process. But what’s the most effective way to clean your Keurig coffee machine?

We wrote this article to find an answer to that question and had researched some of the most popular and effective ways of cleaning a Keurig. We’ll get to them in a second, but first, we have to cover some basics.Continue reading

Oct 06

Cheese And Onion Enchiladas: Proper Guide To Prepare It

By Adriana Seng | Food Tips

It isn’t a joke when you hear people talk about how much they love Mexican foods, obviously, Mexican foods are great.

Some people genuinely could eat it 7 days a week and never feel worn out on it!!! No Joke!

I generally jump at the chance to get a specimen platter since it's too difficult for me to pick. People generally get a Cheese and Onion Enchilada in their sample platter.

It genuinely is one of my top picks. Now I bring to your kitchen the Mexican Restaurant! So cheesy!

That’s one of the charms of Mexican foods. It’s all about cheese. I cherish it all stringy and melty and quite delicious. You can use mild shredded and white onion. Just because white onions taste best when cooked.

It is only an individual inclination, don't hesitate to utilize a yellow if you like. You can one day wonder on making your own enchilada sauce but for me right now, I utilize a store brand. I literally use mild but if you like, you can spice it up! Although it is a personal preference, but I also like using white corn tortillas.

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Does Vanilla Extract Have Gluten- The Most Amazing Things You Should Know
Mar 05

Does Vanilla Extract Have Gluten? The Most Amazing Things You Should Know

By Adriana Seng | Food Tips

Some people have a gluten sensitivity and can barely stand the presence of it in their diet. While to others, such as Celiac patients, eating anything with gluten can prove to be fatal. Does vanilla extract have gluten? Well, you’re in luck because today, we’ll talk about just that. Since vanilla is one of the most common and most popular flavorings, we will help you figure out whether to include it in your diet or not.

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Jan 26

Are Herbalife Products Gluten Free? All You Need To Know

By Adriana Seng | Gluten-Free Foods

Starting a healthy diet has never been easier. With today’s numerous health and fitness products such as dietary supplements, nutritional shakes, and other medicines that promise overall enhanced health, you can easily live a healthier life with a simple purchase or two.

One company you can buy such product from is Herbalife. However, if you’ who avoids food or products with gluten, you may want to know: “Is Herbalife Gluten Free?”. Read on to find out which Herbalife products are gluten free, and which aren’t.

What Is Herbalife?


Before we get into the different Herbalife products available in the market today, let us first delve a little bit into what Herbalife is. Herbalife is a supplement company that produces products for weight loss and overall health.

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Dec 31

Is Emergen C Gluten Free? All You Need To Know

By Adriana Seng | Food Tips

If you find yourself constantly having colds, or being easily susceptible to contagious diseases, you may want to try upping your Vitamin C intake by ingesting certain multivitamin mixtures such as Emergen C.

Unfortunately, if you are one of the many people who suffer from Celiac disease, you first have to knowing whether a certain product contains gluten first before you ingest it to avoid unfavorable health effects.

if you are planning on taking Emergen C, do read on to know if Emergen C is gluten free, and to know about a simple alternative you can use in its place.

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Dec 28

Does Sugar Have Gluten? Everything You Need To Know

By Adriana Seng | Food Tips

If you’re following a gluten-free diet, you might have asked yourself this question, “Does sugar have gluten?”

This question is not the only concern for dieters but also to people who have celiac disease because they develop negative reactions to gluten. Several reactions include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Since I don’t know the answer to this question myself, I spent time reading books and visiting credible websites. The information I gathered really amazed me. If you’re curious to know the answer and everything about gluten and sugar, keep reading below.
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Nov 24

Can Pregnant Women Eat Over Easy Eggs? Know The Amazing Truth Here

By Adriana Seng | Food Tips

Are you pregnant and craving for over easy eggs? Then hold your horses first as I try to answer the question that most pregnant women are eager to know: Can pregnant women eat over easy eggs? You might be eating them already, but you can never be sure of its safety.

I got interested in this question when I overheard some pregnant women talking about the safety of over easy eggs. The other girl says that it’s totally safe because she’s been consuming it from her past pregnancies while the other woman refuted convincingly. To set things clear, I researched online for the answer and what I’m going to share are the things I discovered.

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Nov 10

Weight Training Diet Plan: What Foods Should You Eat?

By Adriana Seng | Food Tips

If you are planning on getting yourself a toned muscular body, then you must be prepared to apply strict discipline to yourself when it comes to your diet. Building muscle is not just about exercising with weights, and it’s also about creating a low fat and high protein diet that will help your body build muscles.

There are a lot of foods out there that can be good for building muscle, but there’s also a lot of food that can slow down your body’s progress when you’re weight training. The key to effective weight training is knowing which food is beneficial.

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